About Us

Who and What Is Colorfully Spain?

Colorfully Spain is a new and innovative travel agency that is dedicated to a cultural and adventurous form of travel. We don´t just offer package tours and main sights. We offer interaction with the culture of Spain and opportunities to learn, which will give you the experience of a lifetime.

The staff of Colorfully has been in the travel business for 30+ years and has been involved in anthropology for almost a decade, so we are well prepared to help you plan your trip and support you during your stay. Our guides and staff hold degrees in art history, archaeology, and Spanish history, and our organizational staff has traveled and planned trips in 72 countries!

Our mission is clear: we are dedicated to cultural bridge building and sustainability. With our trips, we try to provide both access and meaningful connection to native culture for our travelers, and we also support whenever possible businesses that sustain the culture and traditions of their areas. It is our greatest hope that the experiences we offer will inspire our travelers and let them explore the beautiful heritage of our people and our country.

Cultural Sustainability

What does a "dedication to cultural bridge building and sustainability" mean? In short, it means supporting smaller regions that are attempting to preserve their heritage, customs, and tradition. While globalization has many benefits, it does pose a threat to smaller areas with smaller economies. We strive to take our travelers away from kiosks and to the traditional Spain where the customs and lifestyle that make us Spanish still live and breathe. Working this way we can offer you an authentic experience, but we also implore our guests to immerse themselves as much as they are able. We want to leave as little footprint as possible on the places yet unmarked by heavy tourism.

By supporting local businesses, we will help these smaller areas maintain their current structure and economy, so they don´t have to turn to building large chain hotels, restaurants, or importing food in order to sustain the flow of tourism. And that way, the area stays Spanish and offers you a place to connect with the culture with nothing artificial in the way. The customs and landscapes that make us Spanish are important to us, and this is our way of preserving them.

Colorfully´s Principal Players

Director of Services - Jose Antonio Masia

Madrid native Jose has been in the tourism and travel business for over 30 years. He has traveled to 72 countries and was a pioneer in many, traveling with groups anywhere from ascending the Papua mountain regions, to descending the Niger River, to crossing the forest of the Congo and in doing so has supported several TV series as well as the Spanish army in mountain expeditions.

Program Director - Jennifer Harding

A Philadelphia native, Jennifer has spent several years living in Spain and has traveled to many places in Europe, North America, and North Africa. She has worked as an anthropologist and archaeologist for almost a decade and has visited and studied at sites from Knossos, Crete, to Luxor, Egypt, and of course, many on the Iberia Peninsula.